3 years ago on 24 July 2011 @ 3:00pm
haha oh my god i sent you that message so long ago! haha but thank you so much for responding. i'll check that program out!

yeah, i’m sorry, cause i was busy with a lot of things and i couldnt answer you… oh, you’re welcome, come back alwayss <3

3 years ago on 23 July 2011 @ 2:44pm
ahhhhhmazing blog. i love rachel. <3<3

thank yoooooou! oh yeah everybody loves her <3

3 years ago on 23 July 2011 @ 2:44pm
Não, você não tem que agradecer por nada, nós é que temos que agradecer por você ter feito esse tumblr da nossa Rachel.

awn meu anjo, why so sweet :( obrigada de verdade, não tenho nem palavras pra dizer o quanto isso me faz bem <3

3 years ago on 23 July 2011 @ 2:43pm
Hello! So, I have a private question for you. Do you know of anywhere to get Photoshop for free? I recently switched to a Mac. Before I had Windows and had bought Corel Paint Shop Pro for that but there isn't a Mac version. I'd prefer not to spend a bazillion dollars again after spending $2600 on my laptop already haha. Any help would be great!

well, I have a problem with photoshop, seriously, so I get PhotoFiltre Studio X to edit my pictures cause I don’t know how to use this sofisticates photoshops, it’s just so hard, and I’m not patient hahahaha. But, if you want a photoshop, I can’t help, I’m so so so sooo sorry! I would like to help ya but at the moment I have no ideas for you :( I’m sorry :(

3 years ago on 23 July 2011 @ 2:40pm
heeey i absolutley love your blog (:
can you send me the link where you have the picture from where she has the feathers in her hair? :)) it's so cute. <33

hey sweet! thank you so much <3

well, there it is: http://rachel-online.org/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=845 but actually i don’t know if thats what you’re looking for… btw, if it’s not, just tell me! 

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No matter what people say: queen Bilson will always be my number one.

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